About Us

The establishment of the CUT NUCLEAR Group is a significant step forward in the process of diversification of the applications of the Diamond Wire Cutting Technology developed and patented by TS Tecnospamec since 1991.
The Diamond Wire Cutting System is a high efficiency System and Method for cutting of structures using a specially designed Diamond Wire. The System can cut any metallic or non-metallic material (concrete, rubber, wood, ceramics, plastics polyethylene etc.) as well as composite materials in a single operation. Since the first commercial task for cutting subsea structures of 7 platforms in the Adriatic Sea carried out in 1991 and 1992, the system has confirmed its excellent quality and cost effectiveness and is now extensively used to remove any offshore structures with significant advantages for environment, reliability and control without limitations for the water depth of operation or for the type and sizes of materials. TS Tecnospamec and its CUT branches (established since 1999 onwards) in UK, Norway, USA, Singapore, Brazil market and operate on an exclusive basis the patented TS Tecnospamec diamond wire cutting technology worldwide.
The TS Tecnospamec Diamond Wire Cutting System now boasts a 18-year track record of 470 successful projects accumulating over 2750 cuts globally for the major decommissioning projects in the offshore oil and gas industry. In 2008 CUT NUCLEAR s.r.l. was founded in Genoa, Italy. In the same year CUT NUCLEAR s.r.l. established its 100% controlled subsidiary CUT NUCLEAR ltd, based in Houma, LA. CUT NUCLEAR holds licenses for the use of  TS TECNOSPAMEC cutting system for the nuclear fields and has developed a new Electrically converted Cutting System as well as the last generation of Diamond Wires. Building of the new premises in the United States is scheduled to be completed within the end of 2009. The new facilities will comprehend offices and boardroom, operation control room, specialized workshop for manufacturing special parts, special test water pool for testing Diamond Wire Machines, training facilities for operators and technicians to be employed in connection with the expected projects in the nuclear field.